Vietnam OS series split volute centrifugal pump running well

Bulletproof Pump in the production of large spiral single-stage double suction centrifugal pump, flow 4850m no / h, head 20m, matching the power of 250KW, purchase quantity for 8 sets, has been successfully put into use. The pump shell by HT250 material disappeared grinding precision casting, impeller and the mouth ring adopts 304 stainless steel material, axis by 2Cr13 stainless steel manufacturing, after passing the test, has been successfully manufactured, the order of the mixed flow pump also issued in conjunction.

QSP fountain pumps perform well in Australia

Bulletproof Pump has supplied a batch of QSP fountain water pumps to clients in Sydney City, Australia. Recently, this batch of fountain pumps has been delivered to Sydney City and been installed successfully.

The picture shows the installation site. With these fountain pumps, the client built a wonderful fountain sight. After a month of use, the client tells us that the pumps operate well. We are glad that we can provide the client with satisfactory products.

QS(P) series submersible pump manufactured by Bulletproof Pump is widely used in various kinds of water conservancy facilities such as farm irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, water supply and drainage system of civil and industrial buildings, water drainage from hills and mountainous areas, etc. QS(P) series submersible pump is easy to install and remove with simple structure and it is also environmental

Indonesia customers order deep well pump

Indonesia customers with submersible pump in our order wells, model 300QJ350-80/2, flow of 350 cubic meters / hour, lift 80 meters, power 140KW, voltage 380V, 2 units, has successfully issued on the same day.

Our long-term customers for the Indonesia suppliers, understand each other from the beginning of the cooperation, to establish the final product trial, long-term cooperative relations, we realize that only excellent product quality, meticulous service, in order to win the depth of trust between the two sides, to establish long-term stable cooperative relations.

From 1980s beginning, our company has specialized in the production of water pump for nearly thirty years, thirty years of focus and insist on quality, creating today's Bulletproof Pump, warmly welcome customers to visit, common development!